A Very ANDERSON Holiday

Hey there friends!   Well, we have been really really busy this holiday season at ANDERSON and we really wanted to send out a fun video greeting card.  I worked with the very talented Laurie SantaLucia and Lauren Streiff to make a funny little short about the holidays in a small office.  We didn’t have very much time to make the whole thing so it was a quite intense couple of weeks.  Basically the whole production from script to finished video took around 2 weeks to complete.  The script was 12 pages and after editing the final video ended at just over 5 minutes.

Written by Lauren Streiff and Laurie SantaLucia.  Directed and Edited by me, and Produced by ANDERSON.  Also a huge thanks to our fantastic micro crew, which was basically Brett Dellandre.  He hustled like crazy to shoot 12 pages in less than 2 days, all of which was inside a very distracting office, with none of the props/sets quite ready before the shoot.

All Challenges aside, this was a really fun project to work on and be apart of.  We had the opportunity to shoot on the ARRI Alexa, (which by the way is an amazing camera, and totally worth using for so many reasons) and got to do a fun project to wrap up the year.  Hopefully you guys will enjoy watching it if you can spare 5 minutes.  Thanks for visiting.

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