Mayo Clinic “Benny”: Silver Addy Winner!

The Addy Awards were on Saturday at The Duce in downtown Phoenix. We all had a blast dancing and enjoying the festivities. The theme this year was “Glutton for Punishment.” For those that have never been there, The Duce is a stripped out boxing gym that doubles as a gym, and restaurant/bar. A very cool venue indeed! Anyway, We ended up winning a Silver Addy for a spot that I cut. The original spot was made in Jacksonville, Florida, and was 1 minute long. I cut it down to 30 seconds and shaped it for the Phoenix market.   Credit goes to the directors and Nitrous Creative of Dallas for all the original footage. You can watch the video below:

ANDERSON also won a Bronze Addy for all the great work J. Gonzo did on the Harkins Theatres loyalty one sheets. Next time you visit a theater be sure to check the posters for Harkins loyalty comic books!  Thats all him!  Thanks for viewing.  🙂

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