Mega Man Legends – UE4 Redux: Environmental Gameplay

Environmental Gameplay

That’s the theme of this update. It’s been a few months. Progress has been slow, but it’s what I can do in my spare time between work. This latest update features Mega Man in engine! He will need updated shaders and textures, and will need fully reworked animation and rigging, but at least he is playable in the world.

The environment now has all the major gameplay elements that the original had. Traps and barriers that are only set to open under certain conditions, as well as temp enemies, placed in their respective spots (and with their appropriate hit points) have been set up. Doors and Elevators are reusable and functional. There is now a rudimentary start menu, as well as an end-game state. All critical to the learning process in making this thing a reality.

Play the Demo:

You can download the current iteration of the game here:

I’ll be updating this with every new iteration as more systems and work gets put into the game. Feedback is appreciated and welcome. It’s a learning project for me, so my scope is very limited, but I still appreciate the feedback.

View the Models:


Treasure Chest:


What’s Next:

The next release will feature at least projectile firing and a targeting system. There will probably be some reworking of Megaman’s textures and look a little bit, and work with his rig and animation will likely be underway but possibly not in the next iteration. I’d also like to get one more reaverbot from the dungeon finished, and polish the level streaming/loading and menu.

Thanks for the support and for viewing.

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