“The Meat Blockade” Episode 1 – Berenger in Nighttown

“The Meat Blockade” is a radio play by two brothers, Mike and Sean Hennessy.  With an absurdist flavor, “The Meat Blockade” is a barrage of quirky characters and Monty Python inspired comedy for your ears.  The tale follows a man named Carl Berenger as he embarks on a misadventure with his not so trusted friend Max.  I had the pleasure to do some voice acting for the project, which is currently on its 3rd episode, with the fourth installment in development.

Mike is the audio technician, composer, sound designer, editor, voice talent, and co-director, and Sean is the writer, director, voice talent, and sound contributor.  They both have a gift for creating unique worlds with sound that always keeps you guessing.  At around 20 minutes per episode, it is great when you are commuting or if you’d like to kick it old school and listen War of the Worlds style.  I’ve placed the first episode below.  The second in particular gets pretty funny.  If you enjoy it, don’t forget to like, share, tweet and spread the word!

Want some more? Here’s episode 2!

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