Wichita Kid Productions – Animated Logo

Hello friends!  A little while ago I sat down and had some breakfast for dinner with my friends over at Wichita Kid Productions.  They have made some really fun and inspiring films and all of their projects have a great sense of humor!  I had the pleasure of developing an animated logo for them and you can watch the final below. 

The character was designed with their sensibilities in mind by Kristina Runyan, a very talented budding animator and artist.  She created a variety of designs for them and then animated a walk cycle for the final version.  I then took her animation and implemented it into the logo and gave some direction on sound design for them to get a final master.  You can view more of her work here: 


This was her first official animation and I think she did a great job!  Check out more of her content, especially her life drawings!  They are really quite fantastic.  Thanks for viewing!

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