Storyteller | Pixel Pusher | Coffee Drinker.

My friends know me to be a bit goofy. I love a good cup of coffee (cream, no sugar), and I’ve got a real penchant for silly voices. I grew up in Phoenix Arizona, where summers can reach the 120s. I think this may have contributed to my aversion to sunlight and my love for video games and film. I worked for some really amazing companies in Phoenix, namely Copper Post and True Story Films, where we won a few Emmy and Addy awards for our commercial work. Then I ventured to Atlanta Georgia, where there are actual trees, to work on Archer as an environment artist for Floyd County Productions. Currently I’m freelancing for Muse VFX in Hollywood California as a CG Generalist and Compositor, and in my spare time, I’m developing VR content, games, and personal narrative projects.

I’m always seeking new Freelance and Full-Time opportunities so if you’d like to make an inquiry please drop me a line. Reference contact information available upon request. Thanks for visiting!