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Remote Management

"When Encore started working from home due to COVID, JJ was the best supervisor I could've asked for. He was very supportive and always helped to figure out pipeline/asset problems that I'd run into. He is very knowledgeable about the 3D modeling pipelines and skilled at managing artists so they are not overworked or stressed. I look forward to working with JJ again in the future and would recommend him to any studio that needs a professional and caring supervisor."

Matt Minseok Choi /// CG Generalist
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Supportive Mentor

"I had the pleasure of working under JJ while I was at Encore. Not only is JJ incredibly knowledgeable, but he is also an amazing mentor. He takes the time to understand each team member's strengths and weaknesses and provides guidance and support to help them reach their full potential. He encourages creativity and experimentation, which fostered a collaborative and productive work environment..."

Errol Lanier /// CG Generalist
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Clear Communicator

"I have worked with JJ for many years and have seen him progress from being my colleague, to my lead, then my supervisor. His work and skills in all three of these roles have been truly outstanding. JJ embodies great patience and understanding during times of technical or artistic troubleshooting and will always have the answer to resolving the issue(s) at hand. His knowledge and experience are vast and he is more than willing to guide and help you in the direction that is needed to produce the best results. JJ is a well-rounded artist and supervisor who understands the needs of production and can communicate those needs clearly to the artists. As a result, his leadership produces high-quality work while meeting deadlines. JJ’s skills are essential to any production team..."

Jacob Haroutunian /// 3D Artist
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Artist Supervision

"JJ has great organizational leadership qualities. He is an imaginative leader who reliably performs his responsibility to the best of his ability. Furthermore, he has great knowledge of the technicality as an artist. He is very well informed and knowledgeable on the different aspects of what it takes to be a supervisor... I believe JJ would be a wonderful person to any asset team and I have absolute confidence in recommending him!"

Chika Saito /// 3D Visual Development Artist, Senior 3D Modeler
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Trusted Collaborator

"JJ is one of my absolute favorite and most trusted collaborators. He is a visionary who works diligently and always seems to redefine the laws of what a single person is capable of. JJ combines an excellent sense of narrative with incredible skills in animation, compositing, and motion graphics. He is also a highly competent director and cinematographer, and he constantly pushes those around him to unlock their full potential... All of these characteristics make him one of the greatest collaborators that anyone could ever ask for..."

Andrew Hendrix /// Director of Photography, Producer
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Creative Leadership

"When you hire JJ you can expect a strong artistic vision as well as the technical ability to carry it out. He is extremely personable and posses exceptional leadership abilities. I can recommend him to anyone that is expecting professional results."

Rebecca Martos /// Producer

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