Storyteller | Pixel Pusher | Coffee Drinker.

My friends know me to be a bit goofy. I love a good cup of coffee (cream, no sugar), and I’ve got a real penchant for silly voices. I grew up in Phoenix Arizona, where summers can reach the 120s. I think this may have contributed to my aversion to sunlight and my love for video games and film. Starting out in mostly the advertising space, I worked for some Emmy award winning companies in Phoenix, namely Copper Post and True Story Films. Then I ventured to Atlanta Georgia, where there are actual trees, to work on Archer as a 3D environment artist for Floyd County Productions. Currently I’m working as a Lighting and Rendering CG Generalist for Encore in Burbank California. In my spare time, I’m developing VR content, games, and personal narrative projects.

I’m always seeking new Freelance and Full-Time opportunities so if you’d like to make an inquiry please drop me a line. Reference contact information available upon request. Thanks for visiting!